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Organic wine direct

Please note that our service is available only to resellers. Thank you for your understanding !

VinoSolo´s core business is procuring direct importing of organic wines.

By means of direct importing you, as the buyer, are able to achieve interesting cost prices. Acquisition costs per unit are significantly reduced compared to purchasing the wine via a distributor.

VinoSolo offers organic wines either ex-cellars or delivered to your doorsteps. Either way you get our full-service included. Orders are place by VinoSolo to the wineries and any correspondence or inquiry before, during or after the transaction are attended by us quickly and reliably.

On demand we organize transport, arrange for costumes declarations and facilitate all paperwork, especially related to the accurate clearance of the wine as organic. Just the same you get ex-cellar prices without any extra cost and pay the transportation cost directly to the forwarding agency.